The Process

Planing, Construction & Aftercare

Being specialised in house extensions, we are able to fluently go through all paperwork, building phase and provide good aftercare for all our customers

Each house extension project is divided in two main phases: Documentation and Construction Process. Meticulous planning and organisation is the key to carrying out your Project successfully. We make sure that you and your family know what to expect and when, and are not subjected to a longer construction period, or to more disruption, than is necessary. Once you choose us to carry out your project, we will look after every detail of the work and to manage the resources of our construction teams to deliver the job for you.



We can swiftly deal with all paperwork required for your house extension

Build Process

Experienced and qualified workers will deliver your dream project 


It is critical for us to make sure you are happy and secured. Every House Extension comes with guarantee

Nowadays living means that the central point in the house is the kitchen together with the living area. Previously houses were divided into daily activities, but no longer. Today we are converting old style into multi-purpose house especially in London area where the space is limited.


Properties in London are going up rapidly. House extension can be great alternative to buying new house and for sure way cheaper. Instead of looking for new property just look at your current home and give it a chance to impress you by extending and reconfiguring it. Here at Home Shape we are happily helping the customer to find the most efficient solution to improve the value of the house.


Average price per square meter in London is £5000 where rear or side extension costs approximately £1450 per m2. You will be getting very nice profit by extending your property.


If you ever have the desire to improve your home or simply add to it for whatever reason, there’s no better option than a home extension. Home extensions can be used to add new aspects to your property, whether it’s a new bedroom or some additional living space, a home extension can make a massive difference in the way you view your home. That said, home extension are rather large projects, and how you handle them is important. They can be extremely costly and time consuming if you work with an unreliable company, and they may not even get the job done right, which can cost you more time and money down the line. That’s why you should only rely on companies you know you can trust.


Here at Home Shape, we are dedicated to provide the best services we can to our homeowner clients in every way, shape, and form. There’s nothing we don’t provide in our efforts to help our clients achieve the homes they want. We achieve this top quality service through years and years of experience, talented and skilled professional craftsmen, implementation, and even assistance with permissions from the local authority.


After all, if you plan on making your home extension some sort of living space, there are all sorts of permits and permissions you’ll need to ensure that your house extension is up to current building regulations. Since that can be a frustrating and tedious task, Home Shape does its best to ensure that you have to put up with as little of it as possible. It’s just part of the services we offer in order to make the home extension process as effortless and painless as possible for everyone involved, especially you.


But what really makes a home extension a great choice is how inexpensive it can be if you work with the right people, who are more interested in the completion of your home than they are profit. That’s the kind of company Home Shape is, and that’s exactly why you can rely on us to get things done. Because we’re dedicated to meeting your needs, you know we’re going to work our hardest to make sure everything about your home extension is perfect.


Need a new bedroom? We can handle that. Want a certain room to be just a little bit larger? We can handle that as well, and at a reasonable price besides. With the help of a trustworthy company like Home Shape at your side, you can make every extension an affordable and professional one. After all, the easier an extension of the house is the first time, the less likely it is to come back and haunt you through both time and money later. That’s why you should and can trust Home Shape to get the job done.

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