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Advantages of house extension


What are the probable options if you need more living space in London? One is to look for a bigger house with more rooms. The other and seemingly more practical alternative is to build an extension.


The problem with the moving to another place is you need to look for a good buyer which usually takes time. It may also be necessary to get another mortgage to pay for everything. In the London area, there are other fees to consider such as stamp duties or taxes imposed on legal documentation that normally build up.


With a well-planned extension, you eliminate many problems such as finding a larger abode, looking for a home loan, packing, and moving. Constructing either a rear extension or side extension has multiple benefits. The primary advantage is it bolsters the value of your property in a steady housing market. In the London area, converting loft space of 300 (square feet) can add more than 20 percent to the average value of your home.


Home extension gives family members especially the kids plenty of room to move around. Your living area becomes more comfortable. Additional space produced by extending your house through a pitched roof or flat roof is also beneficial. Pitched roofing provides ample space in the attic area. On the other hand, flat roofing is more economical in terms of construction and materials.



Design & Build Phase


Each house extension has to go through planning and building stage. We can deal with both or separately if you wish so.

We can prepare all paperwork required for local authority and tender or we can work with the plan from 3rd party architect if that is your preference. 


We cooperate with several experienced building contractors. Each team has their own insurance, guarantee, qualifications and a range of subcontractors they use. The contractor is running the building site while we monitor the project and supply all required plant and materials.


The process:

  1. Initial discussion and ballpark estimate.
  2. Free, honest, and detailed consultation at your home.
  3. Detailed quote with full specification.
  4. Architectural Service including site check and full planning process.
  5. Structural Drawings and Calculations.
  6. Person-to-Person Service.
  7. Construction Phase.
  8. Additional work like kitchens, bathrooms etc.
  9. Completion and Aftercare.
  10. Guarantee.


All this carried out by experienced and qualified team for exceptional value.


Easy Process from A to Z

High return on investment 


By simply extending your house, you do not have to deal with an erratic property market. At the same time, you are not compelled to negotiate a mortgage thereby increasing your chances to get mired in debt. Homeowners are afforded the flexibility of rear extension, side extension, expanding upwards or downwards by transforming the basement into another room. The end result is a newer and bigger space that fits your needs minus the downsides of relocating to another house.


The kitchen extension is another viable form of sprucing up your home. It also increases the space for food preparation. Explore the possibilities and ideas such as building a kitchen island, additional counter-tops or having more cabinets with minimal budget. It can be a rear kitchen extension from the back portion of the house with a flat roof or pitched roof.


With house extension in London, the homeowner is assured not only of extra space but also of having more control during the design phase. If you move to another home, the layout and building would have been finished. Additional changes will mean more expenses and inconvenience. By simply extending, you have the prerogative to determine the overall floor area and dimensions as well as shape of each room. You can also select finishes and accessories like floors, tiles, paint color, sanitary ware, and kitchen fixtures. For example, the small bedroom can be increased in dimension by enlarging the room into the new space.


The cost of extending in the London area is more economical compared to relocating. Expenses are generally determined by the container and distance from the property you are vacating to the new home. Notwithstanding the price, the money can just be channeled to your house extension. The additional value it generates for your existing property makes this decision more logical. Make a detailed computation of the costs of purchasing or renting a new house plus the moving expenses compared to building an extension in London. This can help you make a good decision.


Look at your options in adding more space. For example, the single storey extension is more ideal in case you have a large lawn or garden. It is also suitable if your purpose is additional coverage but you have limited funding. The two-storey extension would be a good choice if you need to have another bedroom upstairs. Perhaps, you are expecting a new baby or the kids are growing up. Besides, take into account the value factor which can be your main argument for this alternative.


The side extension also affords the family plenty of space in the form of a bigger living room. You can combine this with a rear extension especially for bungalows. If you have a garage, get rid of that area. In the London area, many homeowners prefer to do away with the car port and storage facility in favor of an extra room.


However, it is always logical for you to make your own little cost analysis prior to starting your home extension project. This is a personal finance matter that calls for a detailed evaluation. Consider your family and the number of children that you plan to have. Take into account the mortgage cost and interest rates. Go over the government’s laws on home improvement along with property tax system. There are policies that require planning for any rear extension.


Determine the present price of your residential home in the real estate market before implementing any structural change if your objective is to add value to your home. Then, calculate the would-be value after the extension is completed. This will give you an idea of the approximate amount that will be added to your property.


It is important to secure the proper planning permit before you can begin the extension project. The Local Planning Authority of London requires the property owner to submit a plan for the home. Start looking for qualified contractors as well. We will take care of submitting the plan, building application, design scheme, project schedule and required documents to the Authority. It can take up to two months to obtain the decision from the planning office. The cost of home extension varies in the London area so it is up to you to choose a competent service provider that charges reasonable rates or discounts without compromising the quality of work.

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We know most of building inspectors and 100+ house extensions, 60+ lofts throughout many years proved that we follow building regulations to the dot and often beyond requirement, so when they come on site they are confident everything will be as per book.

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